Friday, March 27, 2009

My first post, and I am already on a rant!

My husband and I have been invited to a birthday party for a friend of my husband's, we'll call him Pedro.  I have become friends with Pedro's wife over the past few years, and my husband and Pedro have known each other for over a decade. I wouldn't say any of us are BFFs, but definitely friends... good friends I thought.

So we get the Evite to the party -it's a Mexican Fiesta, margaritas burritos, etc. That's all fine, no need for a fancy invitation for a casual affair. (Though the "BYO-Margarita Ingredients" note on the Evite surprised me a bit. But that is a whole other subject.) Naturally I RSVP that we will happily be there to celebrate Pedro's birthday.

The next thing I know my husband tells me Pedro has asked him to be the bartender for the party. I am immediately irritated. I mean, Margaritas do require some prep-work. It isn't like a beer & wine bar that would be simple for everyone involved, so I can see that my husband is going to be WORKING at the party rather than casually helping with the bar here and there. What's more - if the guests follow the instructions on the Evite, they will be bringing various mixers and flavors, which could lead to hours of custom blending! I can see him now, "Lime, Pomegranate or Mango Flavor? On the rocks or frozen? Salt?"

 I ask why he said yes, and he shrugs. He is really much nicer than I am.

That was a week ago. The party is tonight. Last night my husband and I were discussing the whole thing, protesting that we would CERTAINLY not be bringing any margarita ingredients if one of us was going to be put to work (that'll show 'em!). Then he proceeds to tell me about the Mexican OUTFIT & SOMBRERO that they have asked him to wear while he is bartending. You have got to be kidding!

HOW DOES ANYONE THINK THIS IS ACCEPTABLE? Though I guess I shouldn't be too shocked - this same couple asked a friend to bring his video camera and record their wedding!

Listen folks - if you want a theme bartender at your party - HIRE ONE! Don't ask your friends to work at your party when they should just be guests having fun and celebrating with you. Even if you have a friend that is a bartender by profession - don't ask him to work your party unless he offers first!

OK, I'll get over it now. I mean after all, I'm not the one who has to work. I'll just  be drinking the margaritas... though I fear some barback duties may be ahead of me.



  1. I do hope the hubby arrives 2 hours early to set up bar and practice his fiesta attitude! A tip jar is definitely in order. To be totally correct, please leave the house 10% of the take. CS

  2. Tell him to make them all virgin margaritas!! The Dick and wife can wonder why no one is having any fun!!

  3. Totally acceptable!

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