Monday, March 30, 2009

So happy to be wrong!!!

I feel the need to report back about Friday's Fiesta after posting the story with such a strong (that's mild) "what-Not-To-Do" slant. I was pleasantly surprised at the turn of events of Friday evening and I must share!

My husband left early for the party, as he had been asked to arrive right at the beginning, or even 30 minutes early by Pedro. Thankfully he was OK with the two of us driving separately, as the party was scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and I didn't even arrive home from the office until 6:25. (Friday Night Parties that start before 7:30 are a pet-peeve of mine - but that's another post.)  

I arrived at the party closer to 8 p.m. fully expecting to see my husband in a Mariachi costume (picture multi-color ruffled sleeves, black vest and tight black pants emblazoned with rhinestone designs) behind the bar,  pouring margaritas like a pro with one hand, maraca in the other, shaking his groove-thing to la Cucaracha as he worked. He was not. And I must say after conjuring the image, I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see it in reality. I found him on the back porch talking to some friends with a beer in hand, no costume, no pouring, no shaking. 

When I asked what happened to the bartending duties, he just shrugged. Maybe there was a miscommunication from the start - if so, I take back everything I said on Friday and instead I  should post a rant about my husband's listening/communication skills. OR, maybe Mr. & Mrs. Pedro just realized late that the size and scope of the party didn't really demand a dedicated (costumed) bartender, and they graciously decided to let my husband be the guest that he was.  OR maybe someone else took over the job... I did notice that one of Mrs. Pedro's best friends, who also happens to be a professional bartender, was mixing up a batch of margarita's just after I arrived.... so maybe she had offered her services at the last minute freeing my husband of his requested duties. 

Whatever the reason for the change in plans, I am glad I was able to enjoy the party with my husband at my side, rather than seeing him only when I needed a refill! Though I would have like to see him with those ruffled sleeves!

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